Gift voucher

Each of us has a loved one and friends he holds. And what do we do for people who are close to us? Of course, we celebrate with them, giving each another a gift.

Поради тази причина, ние от Обир на банка, искаме да Ви дадем една по-нестандартна идея - преживяване, което ще остане като спомен за най-специалните до сърцето Ви хора. Нашите подаръчни ваучери могат да бъдат използвани както от деца, така и от възрастни. Играта в ескейп стая бива едно от най-забавните и вълнуващи преживявания, което близките Ви няма да очакват, гарантираме!

Prepare the game and leave your special message. We will design and offer it as a special and unique voucher.

It is only necessary to fill in the form below, leaving your names and contact details and filling in the names of the person you want to surprise. Our team will contact you to arrange a convenient place and time to receive it. For your convenience, the voucher can also be sent to an address (via courier services on the territory of Bulgaria).

The value of the voucher is determined by the number of people. Do not worry, the choice of time takes place at a later stage and in a time convenient for your special person.

For more information or questions, contact our team via our email or contact us at +359 878 794 231 .

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